Workshops at SysMus17

The three workshops with the most votes have come in! The three workshops which will take place at Sysmus are:


1) Research in music and health: What is it, where is it and why bother?- Dr Neta Spiro, Katie Rose Sanfilippo

What questions do people ask in music and health research? Who is doing the asking and who cares about the answers? What topics can the music and health topics involve and how are they explored? In this session we will explore these questions through tasks that include mapping the field, proposing research questions and exploring alternative study designs.


2) Using EEG and MIDI to study the neural bases of musical performance- Dr Maria Herrojo Ruiz

Understanding the neural bases of musical performance and motor skill learning is an increasingly growing area of research in the area of cognitive neuroscience and psychology.  An excellent experimental setup in this context is the combination of piano performance and recordings of brain activity with high temporal resolution, such as electroencephalography (EEG) or magnetoencephalography. In this workshop we will cover how to simultaneously record electrical brain activity – using EEG – and musical performance – using a Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) and a digital piano. Specifically, we will cover different aspects of this methodology, such as how to: (1) synchronize EEG and MIDI information; (2) use MIDI information as trigger of events in the EEG recordings; and (3) adapt the feedback provided to the participant by analysing in real-time the ongoing performance.  We will also analyse in real-time the performance by some volunteers in the audience to illustrate what MIDI information can tell us about music performance.


3) Taking a systematic approach to literature reviews- Pedro Douglass-Kirk & Rebeka Bodak

Do you want to take a systematic, methodical and replicable approach to your literature reviews? The workshop will introduce you to some strategies and good practice when approaching the often daunting task of reviewing large numbers of papers.  We will have a practical session where we can work on a key research question and build up a syntax for database searching using keywords and phrases. Then we will go over how to deal with removing duplicates before blinded screening using an online platform for systematic reviewing called Covidence.



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