This year we are fortunate to receive support from both the European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music (ESCOM) and The Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research (SEMPRE), who are generously offering awards and travel grants respectively.  Details of these, including how to apply and deadlines, are outlined below.


ESCOM is offering three awards of 200 Euros each.  The goals of these are to:

  1. To support promising young researchers in music cognition, and more generally in systematic musicology;
  2. To increase participation in the conference by encouraging groups who might not otherwise have participated; and
  3. To reduce the carbon footprint of the conference.

The three awards are:

  1. ESCOM award for best student contribution

This award is based purely on academic quality and is independent of whether the talk is in-person or virtual, or (if in-person) how the speaker travels to the conference.

All abstract submissions are automatically considered for this award.  The hosting committee will select a group of finalists, who will be notified along with acceptance to the conference.  These finalists will be asked to send us a CV and a scanned copy of the participant’s student card.  These finalists’ presentations will be evaluated by the hosting committee, who will choose a winner to be announced during the closing ceremonies.

  1. ESCOM award for best student low-carbon presentation

This award is for a student presenter who makes the most effort to reduce their carbon footprint to travel to the conference.

If you would like to be considered for this award, email the committee at sysmus17@gmail.com with subject “ESCOM low-carbon award” and outline for us your plan of travel for the conference.  This can be taking a train, a coach, hitch hiking, sailing or cycling.  These are just a few ideas, but feel free to get creative in how you implement them.  Perhaps plant some trees, get other lab members, friends and colleagues involved, or challenge yourself to travel zero-carbon and zero-waste?

The hosting committee will select the three low-carbon solutions they feel both reduce emissions the most and are creative (i.e. cycling from Germany would be ranked higher than walking, if you happen to live near the venue; hiking from another city, on the other hand…).  These finalists will be notified along with acceptance to the conference, as ESCOM requires a CV and student card copy, as well as the email containing your plan of travel.  During our closing ceremonies, the finalists will be invited to give a short presentation on their journey to the conference and we will have an audience vote to determine the winner!  The recipient of the award is expected to show evidence of their mode of travel as a condition of receiving the award.

Update: Due to extremely low interest, this award has now been cancelled.

  1. ESCOM award for best student virtual presentation

The presentation must be virtual and the presenter may be anywhere in the world. This award is offered on the condition that there are several virtual presentations on the conference program with the same duration as regular presentations (including discussion). The virtual presentations have the same status as live presentations.

All virtual presentations are automatically entered for this award upon submission of an abstract.  During the conference, the hosting committee will select the presentation they feel is most worthy of this award and the winner will be announced during the closing ceremonies.  The winner will be required to submit a CV and a scanned copy of their student card.

For all awards, ESCOM requests written confirmation that the work was presented; once received, funds will be transferred directly to the recipient’s bank account.


SEMPRE is once again generously offering travel grants to participants of the SysMus conference series!  There are typically more applicants than there are funds available, and these grants are competitive.

Application forms for SEMPRE travel grants will be available once notices of acceptance have been issued.  Update: You can now download the SEMPRE Travel Grant Application.  Completed application forms can then be submitted to the SysMus17 Committee with email subject “SEMPRE Travel Grant” by June 30th, 2017.

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