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SysMus17 Showreel:

We have permission to share many of the presentations from SysMus17. We had 31 responses from attendees and 23 people have given consent to share their full presentations and content on our website. 28 have agreed to have some content shared in our SysMus17 Showreel. Please contact the SysMus17 committee via email ( if you would rather we remove any video with your content or images in or you spot an error that needs correcting.

Please click on the links below to view the presentations on our SysMus17 YouTube Channel. The videos below are in chronological order with the opening remarks and closing ceremony included. The full programme is available here.

Title  Presenter(s)  Video Links
Opening Remarks Marcus Pearce & Manuela M. Marin
Neural Music Language Models: Investigating the training process Adrien Ycart
Affective Priming Effects Between Music and Language in Bilinguals’ First and Second Language Miriam Tenderini
Chord Encoding and Root-finding in Tonal and Non-Tonal Contexts: Theoretical, computational and cognitive perspectives Konstantinos Giannos
Spanish Version of the Kenny-Music Performance Anxiety Inventory (K-MPAI): Factorial Structure and First Statistical Analysis of a Peruvian Sample  Alvaro Chang
The Effect of Socio-Cultural Identity on Musical Distaste Elizabeth Kunde & Kate Leonard
Grammaticality Judgments in Linguistic and Musical Structures  Katerina Drakoulaki
Study of Emotion Perception for Indian Classical Raga Music  Makarand Velankar
Investigating the Improvisers’ Perspective Using Video-Stimulated Recall Keith Phillips
Visual Feedback in Higher Education Piano Learning and Teaching  Luciana Hamond
Musical Trajectories and Creative Music Teaching Interventions Affect the Development of Interest in ‘Music’ of German Secondary Schools’ Students  Daniel Fiedler
A Theory of the Musical Genre: the Three-Phase Cycle Pablo Mendoza-Halliday
Keynote Panel Discussion Computational Approaches to Musicology *note: This is part 1 – part 2 is not available Elaine Chew, Daniel Mullensiefen & Marcus Pearce
Kinematics Feature Selection of Expressive Intentions in Dyadic Violin Performance Georgios Diapoulis
Interoception in Musicians’ Flow Experience Jasmine W Tan
Using Zygonic Theory to Model Expectations in Repeated Melodic Stimuli Hayley Trower
Chance Music is Best Not Left to Chance  Joshua Bamford
Social Surrogacy: How music provides a sense of belonging Katharina Schäfer
Analysing the Implications of Music Videos on Youths’ Listening Experience Johanna Wilson
“Let the Music Flow in You”: Music listening, health and wellbeing in everyday life Joy Vamvakari
Performing Auspiciousness and Inauspiciousness in Parai Mēlam Music Culture in Jaffna, Sri Lanka Pathmanesan Sanmugeswaran
Investigating Beat Perception and Sensorimotor Synchronisation in People With and Without Parkinson’s Disease Dawn Rose
 Closing Ceremony Committee Members & conference feedback from Emma Allingham & Chris Corcoran


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