SysMus17 is the first SysMus conference to incorporate virtual conferencing. Participants who register for virtual participation can attend the full conference from all over the world, as long as they have a good internet connection.

Virtual participation is primarily mediated by three platforms:

The Guidebook app provides a comprehensive set of conference materials from your smartphone or computer. Through this app you can view the SysMus17 schedule, read abstracts and proceedings for spoken and poster presentations, find local travel advice, connect with fellow SysMus17 attendees, and more. Registered attendees will receive emailed instructions about how to load the Guidebook app.

Facebook Live provides a platform for real-time video broadcasts that can be watched and commented on as the talk is delivered. All of our talks and workshops will be broadcast via Facebook Live.

Skype will be used to provide a two-way connection for presenters to answer questions about their presentations.

We have created several Facebook groups for live streaming different SysMus17 events:

Please note that only registered conference attendees will be given permission to join these groups.

Notes for presenters

Virtual Spoken and Poster Presenters:

We will connect with you via Skype for your question and answer sessions. Most of you have already sent us your Skype IDs. If you haven’t, please sent them to us at You can also send us a Skype contact request, using the ID SysMus17 Livestream for spoken presentations, and the IDs SysMus17 iPad 1 Poster Session and SysMus17 iPad 2 Poster Session for poster presentations.

TeXpo Virtual Attendees:

You can virtually attend the exposition of digital musical instruments (TeXPo) via Skype: please send us a contact request at SysMus17 Livestream, or send your Skype ID to

See you soon LIVE!!

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